Survey: Japanese Crypt Coin Holders Prefer XRP over ETH

25. Juni 2020

Despite the fact that Ether is currently the second largest crypt currency by market capitalization, Japanese crypt currency holders prefer to have XRP.

According to the results of a survey published on Twitter by the Japanese crypto currency exchange BITMAX on June 12, Bitcoin (BTC) is almost as popular as the XRP token among traders in Japan. Twenty-five percent of the 1,498 people surveyed told BITMAX that XRP was their favorite currency, compared to 26 percent who preferred BTC, Ethereum (ETH) came in third place with only 9 percent.

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Gold=BTC; Red=ETH; Pink=XRP; Blue=others

„What’s your favorite currency?“ BITMAX poll. Gold=BTC; Red=ETH; Pink=XRP; Blue=other

It is worth noting that a sample size as small as that of the survey mentioned above, may not necessarily not make the results definitive.

However, the Japan Virtual Currency Exchange Association (JVCEA) reported similar findings in December 2019, with XRP coming in second behind BTC, the latter being the number of yen-denominated digital asset holdings, with ETH also coming in third.

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Does XRP lose support outside Japan?

Cointelegraph reported in April, that the online commitment to XRP on Twitter fell during the first quarter of 2020, while Bitcoin Rejoin was forced to liquidate many of its holdings to maintain a positive cash flow. Cryptomoney analysis firm Messari released data showing that XRP was the worst performing large-cap token during 2019.

The XRP token, which was worth $0.19 at the time of writing, is now worth a fraction of its $2.28 peak reached at the end of 2017. While the XRP army may have been reduced overall, this may not be the case for Japanese token fans.

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